September 30th


October 1st



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at this point like who haven’t i had a sexual dream about

light him on fire

Honestly his proportions for the lady character (he was doing like “male” and “female” versions of the ‘same design’) were off in general as well, which was addressed in crit, but the instructor was like “just shrink the legs to fit and maybe, i hate to say it, sex her up a bit” and i was just like EXCUSE ME MAY I DISAGREE, BEEF HER UP. /////rolls eyes at men on an infinite loop

During Crit:

Dude: /designs boob plate armor
Me: Y’know that’s not realistic and can hurt people
Dude: Yah but i like the look of boobs

i need a new name tbh



if you thinks aliens follow the human gender binary you need to really rethink things

"human gender binary" i think you mean western gender binary which was forced upon the rest of the world by gunpoint

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i’m so glad it’s cold so i can finally wear my fav sweater again


ps people actually say things like this

(this comic iis n the latest Galago Magazine, buy it if it’s available where you live!)

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Lent? Fat Tuesday/Mardi Gras, Strove/Ash Wednesday

I have Mardi Gras in February. I don’t know much anything about the other things, as a jewchild. Is there any good symbols that could be thrown in the for those?

I feel like I’m missing something for March. I have Purim, St Pats, Equinox/Ostara …

my main goal in life is to be one of those people who no matter what they do it’s adorable. i’m trying very hard

if you want my new anime trash blog feel free to send me an ask. there’s nothing there yet because i should not be blogging rn but. i got a theme.