problematic faves: my very own ocs

i know you were all following this saga very closely so:
my sleeping has managed to get mostly sorted out after a couple nights at nic’s house. bless them <3




Black gold, black diamonds.
Perfect for a black heart.

Buying one for myself one day.

i have more night classes than i realized this semester so i should probably buy a new pepper spray :`]

do you ever just

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Out of battery - Just messing around with an idea I had in my sketchbook

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Evening Dress

Jean-Philippe Worth, 1913-1914

Nasjonalmuseet for Kunst, Arketektur, og Design

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background character gays are still gays


awww we just started watching Tsuritama and it’s rly cute omg

no but really tho

  • cute style
  • aliens
  • manipulative blonde shota type
  • like no literally manipulation is his actual power. thats what he does

of course i’m pleased 

awww we just started watching Tsuritama and it’s rly cute omg


just went through like 3 weeks worth of the  ”my dog” tag in support of nics dog blog. too many dogs

I also made this cute little pixel dog for their blog and got them a good theme go look and follow i know u fuckers like dogs. eyebrowdogs



Dolce&Gabbana S/S 2015

D&G has gone Goth Lolita.

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Today’s gender of the day is: Question Mark Unown.


Crazy Taxidermy Museum - Stuffed Animals in Costumes (1965) [HD] (by britishpathe)

Thanks Joanna E.

Just love the bassoon soundtrack… so 60’s. 

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